Subject: Book     Category: Editorial, Typography     Client: Lise Straatsma

The Alpha Strategy


The Alpha Strategy is an ongoing research on how to regain control and weapon yourself against anxiety. Living in the information age, we have access to a multitude of sources, data and visuals. This research tries to grasp ways to deal with the unpredictable. It poses the question of where the dividing line is between useful information and knowledge possibly being completely useless. Is knowledge power or is ignorance bliss?

Fear is a highly useful emotion that has been preserved throughout evolution to secure our survival. People say we fear what we do not know, so gaining more knowledge should technically make us less fearful. But the more you know, the more you realise what you do not know.

Will anticipating the unpredictable make us feel more in control or less?

All photography & content by talented documentary photographer Lise Straatsma.